NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week Fringe Events!

NE1's Newcastle Fashion WeekTICE has designed and organised a huge variety of courses to contribute to NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week. On May 9th we start with a FREE schools workshop called ‘This is Fashion Enterprise‘. Exclusively 20 school places available for North East schools.

In addition to the FREE workshop, TICE has written a further 21 courses for all ages including Social Media for Fashion, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Textiles and much more all taking place as Official Fringe Events for NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week at Newcastle City Library throughout the whole week.

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BUT there’s even more… yes, we have more! TICE often has courses going on around the region however here’s a pick of the more fashion related concentrating on fashion computer skills, fashion business, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography and Fashion Branding short courses… and more!

There’s a huge amount to get involved in… so come get organised and see how you can up skill…fashionably!

PS… If you’re a past or current TICE student or TICE school staff email us on to claim your 20% discount code for all TICE courses!!  

For further information on NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week please view their website:
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Here’s some of our photos from last year:

NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week 2013




TICE Taster Fashion Courses for NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week

NFW 2014 CoursesIf you’re between 13yrs- 25yrs and have an interest in learning more about fashion skills and techniques then check out what we have going on during NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week starting on the 9th May.

As Official Fringe Events based at Newcastle City Library we have over 20 courses from Fashion Drawing, Fashion Photography, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Textiles, Fashion Blogging and much more.

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During the week there’s a load you can get involved in and for all age ranges. Most of our courses are introductory taster courses, 3 hour sessions where you get an opportunity to up-skill (fashionably of course) and speak with fashion industry professionals.

If you’re interested in the digital side of fashion you can test out software courses such as Adobe Photoshop for Fashion or Adobe Illustrator for Fashion. Or you may fancy the more traditional skills such as Fashion Drawing Techniques. Maybe trying to start your own blog or learning more about journalism in the fashion industry.

PLUS! If you or your school are TICE students (past and present) please email us at for your 20% discount of all courses. Just let us know your name and when you were on TICE.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

For further information on NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week please view their website:
On Facebook and Twitter and Instagram


The TICE Silver Stage… the story so far!

Silver Stage PhotographyThe Silver Stage of this years TICE programme is well underway…even taking a little breather whilst the Easter holidays kick in. So, where have we been and who have we met?

 Question: What do you feel you’ve picked up whilst being involved in the Silver Stage of TICE?
Student Answer: How to make the most out of every moment and take the opportunities which can change your life (Photography Team)

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Studio Northumbria

Playing with light in the photography studios at Northumbria University

Well, the Photography Team have been incredibly busy with their mentor Katie Lee. In the Photography Team this year we have 2 schools: Heaton Manor School and Longbenton Community College. The students have already completed their Silver Stage workshops by first completing a one day skills development workshop in a studio at Northumbria University then split into two different groups. One group concentrated on Fashion and Landscape Photography within the beautiful grounds of Seaton Delaval Hall, with the other group more interested in Sports Photography off to none other than Newcastle United Football Club!

Next the Graphics Team, this team is made up of students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Longbenton Community College and All Saints College. They had the absolute pleasure of spending two days with their mentor Mark Pattinson at the awesome creative agency DiFFERENT. The students worked on ideas generation and met the inspirational creative team who work there.


Tours and talks, plus a lot of hard work at DiFFERENT

And… Fashion, the fashion team is immense! This year we have over 70 students on the Silver Stage of Fashion. They are lovely!! However, we’ve split them all up and organised a variety of days. So far, we had all the students work on textile development skills with Charlottle Liddle and a third of the fashion team have been out and about visiting some of Newcastle’s fashionably finest. We’ve visited the lovely Sandra Tang at NE1, telling us all about NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week, then over to the amazing work at F6 Studios, to finish the day at the fantastic facilities in Northumbria University’s Fashion Department with a talk and tour by the lovely Christopher Hodge.  Two more days to go with the rest of the fashion team yet!

It’s been a busy one but an excellent time had by all. To all businesses and Northumbria University, we’d all like to say a HUGE thank you for opening your doors to us all. So… part two to come – MUSIC, FILM and finishing FASHION! See you soon.

NE1 tour

A talk from the lovely Sandra Tang about NE1′s Newcastle Fashion Week


Music Bronze Stage

This Is Creative Enterprise: Music Bronze Stage from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

The Bronze Stage is an introduction to the whole programme, so we eased in slowly with some basic percussive and chanting games. These start off feeling like you are back in nursery, but quickly progress to become real mind (and body!) benders. They also help me to quickly assess the general ability of some musical aspects.

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I did a brief presentation on my musical journey, which focused on some key business principles of the industry and also

hopefully gave the students some insight into myself as an artist. We finished off the morning with some critical listening tasks which helped hone the most important thing in a musician’s toolbox – the ear! And we also had time for some basic singing practice. This is a skill I try get even ‘non-singers’ to develop, as the ability to sing even at an average level is another string to the bow and beneficial in a number of ways. Luckily we had a handful of promising lead singers in the group too, so it was good for me to hear them do their thing early on.

With the students chomping at the bit to get creative themselves the afternoon session whizzed by. Following a brief primer on how we write songs and what we write about, the class was split into small groups of 3-5 and set the task of creating one verse and one chorus. Due to time limitations the focus was on a ‘work in progress’ and on a shortened form, but they all pulled off some good tunes in the short amount of time.

We ended the day with peer performances of their creations and some constructive feedback. Bronze basically throws a large amount of varying material and tasks at the students, so we cover as many things as possible. Now, with Silver approaching the focus will shift to a specific project over a longer time frame.

By Sam Burt, Music Mentor.

Fashion Bronze Stage


Fashion & Textiles is a very popular option on TICE! Students who opt for this area are taken through an overview of how the industry operates and the varying and vast job roles within it. The Bronze Stage concentrates on industry awareness and showing the students
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the different areas they could get involved in if they decided fashion and/or textiles is a route they would like to pursue. First we introduced the students to trends and design, this is followed by illustration techniques and then creating a fashion sculpture on a mannequin.