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    TICE Travels

    A brand new feature to TICE is ‘TICE Travels‘ recently we have teamed up with educational travel company Travelbound to offer schools an option to collaborate on [...]
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    The TICE Programme

    ‘This is Creative Enterprise’ has become one of the region’s most successful creative programmes for young people in schools (Year 9 onwards). This programme is truly [...]





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School Testimonials


“TICE not only allows students to access a range of creative industries outside of the school environment, but also gives them a confidence in themselves and a sense of pride and self-belief they didn’t have before. By working alongside businesses, professionals, higher education institutes and . . .

Miss A Hope
Burnside Business & Enterprise College
Whitley high

"TICE has given the students the opportunity to explore interests, ideas and career paths that they may not have considered without the activities and discussions they have had today. It’s fantastic to see them so excited and inspired, and the mentors have been engaging, informative and really friendly. . . .

Zoe Medhurst, CDT/Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator
Whitley Bay High School
Longbenton Community College

“Longbenton Community College have taken part in the TICE programme for the last five years, giving all of our year 10 students the opportunity to take part. It has proved to be one of the most inspiring projects that our pupils experience, opening their minds to a whole world of potential pathways . . .

Ms J Younger, Head of Art
Longbenton Community College

TICE in Action