Interested in Fashion? TICE Summer Workshops Available.

Fashion TICE Summer

BOOKING ESSENTIAL: Do you have an interest in fashion and textiles? This summer we are basing some of our fashion workshops in Whitley Bay Library. If you are between the ages of 13-18 years and would like to pick up some fashion industry knowledge and skills these one-day workshops are for you. Our specialist fashion and illustration mentors are highly qualified in giving hands-on drawing and illustration tips and tricks but also can give you real advice and guidance about entering the fashion industry or moving onto fashion courses.

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TICE Fashion Workshops

We have 4 workshops for you to gain some skills and knowledge in fashion, whether you interest is in drawing, illustration, general fashion knowledge on either the 7th, 12th, 19th or 26th August. You can do one or turn up for all 4, it’s entirely up to you.

What can you take away from the day?:

- More fashion drawing skills and media techniques.
- Fashion design skills and knowledge
- An insight into Fashion Trends and Forecasting.
- Advice and Guidance from qualified Fashion tutors and lecturers about portfolios and general fashion courses also fashion industry advice.

Who should sign up?:

- Anyone between the age of 13-18 years who has an interest in fashion.
- Anyone who enjoys fashion design and drawing.
- Anyone who wants more advice and guidance about moving into the fashion industry.


These workshops are mixed ability, even if you are a complete beginner or have some existing fashion knowledge and skills. Everyone will take something away from their day which will give more insight into the world of fashion.

How to book and pay:

Please Note:
*Please note: We do need minimum numbers to be reached for these workshops to go ahead. You will be notified as soon as possible if the workshops are cancelled and fully refunded. 
**Any questions or queries please email us
This is Creative Enterprise C.I.C (Company No: 8723462)
All TICE Mentors/Workshops are fully trained, CRB/DBS certified instructors, tutors, lecturers.
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC Certificate Number): R1QB102812
UKPRN (UK Provider Reference Number): 10035240.

Music Students! Summer Workshops available to book NOW! #TICEsummer

Music Summer

BOOKING ESSENTIAL: A fantastic opportunity has come for all TICE music students (past & present) and also their musical friends (15-18yrs) to sign up for TICE Summer Workshops.  TICE Summer is a brand new feature of TICE which will stop you becoming bored throughout the holidays, have something to look forward to, but most importantly have one-to-one (or with your band) tuition with TICE Music Mentor Sam Burt AND in the world class facilities of the International Centre for Music Studies at Newcastle University. Interested?????…

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Newcastle Uni4 Newcastle Uni3 Newcastle Uni2

Of course you’re interested! It’s a fantastic opportunity to do one or more of the following:

- An existing band wanting to add finesse to their songs and make some professional recordings

- You have some rough ideas for songs but want to get help finishing them so you can confidently start playing live and getting some gigs

- You are a good musician but want to learn and explore a new area, such as music technology or develop skills on another instrument

- You want to develop your music business skills and learn how to set up your own record company or launch your own club night

- Be in world class facilities at the International Centre for Music Studies at Newcastle University

How to book?  

Now you need to be quick, there are limited places and it will be a first come first served basis. The dates you can choose from (or do all 3) are 23rd July, 30th July and 27th Aug. Here’s how to book and pay:

TICE Events page:

Any questions or queries please email us on:

This is Creative Enterprise C.I.C (Company No: 8723462)
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC Certificate Number): R1QB102812
UKPRN (UK Provider Reference Number): 10035240. 

All Gold Stage Work with Project Briefs 2014

Final Show2

The Final Show Program 2014 presenting all company sponsors and schools involved…Thank you everyone!

So, what a year! If you’d like to look at all our Gold Stage projects in the same place then here you are. For the Gold Stage 2014, we had 11 different projects going on over 3 days throughout May & June ready for our Final Show at Northumbria University. The areas we concentrated on this year, were Music, Fashion, Graphics, Film & Photography… take a look it’s nothing short of impressive! I promise…

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The Year 9 & 10 students from 5 North East schools (Longbenton Community College, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, All Saints College, Heaton Manor School & St Thomas More Catholic School) chose their project at the Pre-Gold Stage of the TICE programme at a short event back in April. Since then, each student has been given 3 days to complete their project challenge sponsored by a variety of companies. Below you can read the project briefs and also view the work from each and every student…enjoy!

Graphics Students Work:

Graphics Summer

Click here to view the ‘Summertime is here’ project.

Graphics music

Click here to see the Music Artwork and Branding project.






Film Students Work:                                     Fashion Students Work:


Click here to watch the music video created by the film team 2014


Click to see more about the Fashion Design & Production project.







Fashion Students Work: 


Have a scan through all the creative writing and fantastic styled photos of our Fashion Journalism Team

Fashion treend

Fashion Trend and Design Students take on denim-wear for leading high-street supplier Visage.








Photography Students Work:


Some extremely lucky students got the opportunity to work with Newcastle United Football Club and youth organisation Newcastle United Foundation.


These students concentrated on Landscape and Wildlife Photography at the beautiful setting of Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens in Northumberland.








Photography Students Work:                   Music Students Work:


Photography students who worked with The White T-Shirt Co to produce some fantastic studio shots for the ethical fashion company.


This music group wrote, produced and did a live performance of their song ‘Into the Night’… Have a listen!








Music Students Work:


Another of our music groups who also wrote, produced and did a live performance of their song ‘Go Back’… have a listen!








adobe-pdf-logoNow here’s all the project briefs the teams had to choose from, together with all the companies and educational institutions that supported them:


Project One – Graphics ‘Summertime is here’
Project Two – Graphics ‘Music Artwork & Branding’
Project One – Photography ‘Sports’
Project Two – Photography ‘Fashion’
Project Three – Photography ‘Landscape’
Project One – Music ‘The Next Big Thing’
Project One – Film ‘Music Video’
Project One – Fashion ‘Design & Production’
Project Two – Fashion ‘Trend & Design’
Project Three – Fashion ‘Journalism & Styling’


TICE Final Show 2014…Talent but also Concept #RANT

TICE final show 2014

On the 25th June, we celebrated our 5th year of the TICE programme at Northumbria University. Parents, TICE students (past & present), schools, mentors and project sponsors were welcomed to share the achievements of 105 students from 5 North East schools: Longbenton Community College, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Heaton Manor School, St Thomas More Catholic School and All Saints College. Continue reading

Gill Rowe from Northumbria University

Gill Rowe from Northumbria University

Our Final Show is a major event in the TICE calendar, not only does it provide an audience an array of creative talent to be viewed and heard it also gives more schools and companies an opportunity to hear what TICE is all about. This year we had opening the show Gill Rowe, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Art, Design and Social Sciences from Northumbria University, not only did Gill welcome everyone to the university but also helped in supporting our cause by further highlighting issues and topics that TICE has been aiming to achieve.

Gallery 2014

The Gallery showcasing Graphics, Photography, Fashion and Music Performances.

This year the aim was to tackle (my own quote) “the ridiculous notion of creative subjects being a soft option”. As I keenly discussed the fact that many (too many) students are discouraged from taking a creative subject such as photography, textiles and music as they are seen as too ‘vocational‘ for ‘intelligent‘ or more ‘academic‘ students. It seemed to strike a chord with many in the audience as many parents, students and company professionals came after my speech to relay their own stories and experiences. Possibly I was talking to the already converted but there were still quite a few that openly admitted they hadn’t thought of where their children could go onto if creative subjects were in their future. I may have had a small victory (hurrah).

Music Performances

One of the performances by this years Music Team

As I continued to discuss it’s extremely hard work to get into schools to even discuss the endless possibilities this programme can cover. Yes, we have subject titles such as Fashion, Film, Music, Graphics etc… but some still fail to connect the dots to what else this programme includes, starting with… communication, digital technology, media, ICT, creative writing, project management, business studies… I can go on. Yes, all creative subjects which students will need access to if they are going to enter the largest most successful sector in the UK, yes you’ve guessed the Creative Industries.

I’m not going to preach too long this time, but there seriously needs some changes in the choices of subjects that young people are advised to take. Creativity is the core of ALL successful companies and organisations and if the ‘academic‘ or ‘intelligent‘ students are not made more aware of the importance of dealing with issues creatively or being put in charge of creative projects then we may be in a bit of trouble, yes push them towards the financial sector, obviously very clever sector which is deemed more acceptable and won’t lead this country into any difficulties… oh hang on (but don’t worry we’ll help you out and put a creative spin on it)…

Rant over… take a look at our Final Show photos:

The Final Show 2014


TICE Fashion Photographers meet The White T-Shirt Co. #ethics

the white tshirt

For this project, fashion photography meets fashion ethics… eight Year 9 and 10 students from Heaton Manor School and Longbenton Community College were given the opportunity to work with local ethical clothing company The White T-Shirt Co. The students mentored by Katie Lee, were challenged by the The White T-Shirt Co to showcase diversity in a campaign ‘Your White T-Shirt’. The photography students spent 3 days researching, preparing and shooting their individual looks to this brief… see how they did and what The White T-Shirt Co thought of their ideas.

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Fashion Photography Shoot

Students were based at Newcastle College with Models from Tyne Tees Model agency. Make-up Artists Josephine Birkett and Kerry Wallace-Smith with photography support from Penny Edwards.

The students who are Shauna-Louise Douglass, Saga Elghul, Megan Campbell, Brooke March, Amy Nicolson, Amy Withers, Sarah Eckford and Keri Wood had 3 days to prepare what their photoshoot would include, this meant make up and hair ideas, accessories that would inspires the style of the shoot.  The photography students needed to think about the feel of the shot, thinking back to the studio days on the Silver Stage and how lighting can change the feel of your image.  Would it be high key or low key, what mood did they want to evoke?

For this project we wanted a completely unique idea to present studio photography at its best, with The White T-Shirt Co agreeing to sponsor the project it really made a very special and a conceptual piece of work.

A quote from Penny of The White T-Shirt Co.:

I’m not sure who got more out of the project – the students or myself. When I first met the students I could see they already had a good grasp of the techniques required but what struck me was their enthusiasm and confidence in taking the brief and interpreting it in their own individual way. They arrived on the day of the shoot with a clear idea, necessary props and a willingness to listen to their TICE mentor to help turn their idea into great pictures. They came up with fresh, original ways of looking at our products – loved them and made us think! Penny Jones// Founder of The White T-Shirt Co.

Take a look at the results:

Fashion Photography Project - The White T-Shirt Co.

Project Sponsors – with special thanks to:

Josephine Birkett Katie Lee newcastle_college TyneTeesModels White Tshirt Co




The White T-Shirt Co –
Tyne Tees Models –
Newcastle College –
Make-up artists: Kerry Wallace-Smith
Josephine Birkett –
Penny Edwards –

A few photographs of their 3 training workshops:

Fashion Photography Workshops White T-Shirt Project 2014


Fashion students have ‘hats’ turning! #TICEfashion

Fashion Production Project

The opportunity to get a hold of The Libertarian‘s beautiful headwear was given recently to a group of our Fashion Students. Their challenge was to be achieved in only 3 days by creating an outfit which would complement and match the uniqueness of 4 most fabulous hats . Seven students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Longbenton Community College, St Thomas More Catholic School and All Saints College were brought together and mentored by Charlotte Liddle to learn new skills and techniques to create some stunning designs…

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Design and Make ProjectThe students who are Emma Aitkin, Faye Devereux, Ellen McDougal, Amilah Ashfaq, Emma Ross, Ella Moore Hughes and Lizzie Dillon spent 3 days at Sunderland University researching, designing and creating 4 fabulous outfits to be showcased at our Final Show.

This project was only suitable for students with a real interest in the making process. If they enjoyed researching ideas, designing and making a garment it was the project for them.

Design and Make ProjectThe fashion production students were given a brief to design and make  bodices to complement hat designs by local Milliner Jayne Elwell of The Libertarian. The students set about their task by researching the themes and creating some brilliant mood boards for visual inspiration. They then worked in teams to draw up a range of designs and chose their preferred and most suitable design to link to their chosen hat. Lots of hard work took place during day 2 and 3 when the teams started making their bodices. Commercial sewing patterns were used to construct the main part of the bodice but were adapted by most of the teams by adding additional embellishments to give them a a unique look.

Libertarian projectThe students worked incredibly hard applying  skills and techniques they had learnt during the silver stage such as machine and hand sewing, embroidery, fabric manipulation,beading and fabric flowers. The girls from St Thomas More particularly enjoyed created their own machine lace using an innovative produce called soluble webbing. On the show day the teams were asked to style their bodices and dress the mannequins and it was at this stage that the ‘real life’ hats were revealed! We were so impressed with the students- their creations tied in perfectly with the hats and looked stunning at the final show.




A few photographs from their workshops:

Fashion Design & Production Team 2014

Project Sponsors - with special thanks to:



The Libertarian –