A day exploring the design city! by Abbie Meers


NewcastleEarlier this week, me and the rest of the Burnside Business and Enterprise College’s year 10 Graphics TICE visit various design agencies such as Different, Orange Bus and others based in the Toffee Factory.

IMG_2339First we went to the Toffee Factory, this was an old Toffee Factory but was abandoned in the 60’s and was thankfully restored in 2011 and made into offices and workspaces for creative and digital businesses.

We went to see 3 different companies, the first we visited designed websites and did cartoons, the second did 3D modelling and were currently working on software for the oculus rift (Virtual Reality gaming headset) for more than gaming. The last one we went to see inside the Toffee Factory was Boxmodel, the work with the programming side of the creative industry.IMG_2354

After here we went on a 20 minute walk, via Newcastle Quayside, eventually we arrived at Different.

Different is one of the biggest design companies in the North East and works with companies such L’Oreal and other big names, we went to look around the offices and see all the amazing things they make (from 3D digital models to cartoons for cars), after this we had lunch were this great place brought us pizza!!!!

After this, we walked back down Dean Street, then we went to Orange Bus, this was founded around 10 years ago, the founding members owned a orange VW camper van. They worked with companies such a Barbour, Aston Martin Racing and a few government campaigns. We sat for a while on the comfy bean bags and sofas while they talked about the company, how they work and they got started in the industry.

After this we got on the metro and went home!!!

Abbie Meers, Age 14, Burnside Business and Enterprise College.