Toffee FactoryThe first day of silver stage in graphic design was great. We set off as school started and walked to Hadrian road metro, we got the metro to Byker and took a short walk to the Toffee Factory as you can see in the picture above. Sheepishly walking in not knowing what to expect we were met by a receptionist who worked there, she took us on a walk around the building to different design areas. Each area covering different graphic design roles (phone apps, websites, 3d graphics etc.) probably the best part, my personal highlight was using the Oculus Rift which is an astounding piece of technology!

We spent an hour or so within the Toffee Factory and soon ventured from Byker to Newcastle city centre (town) for what was said a “twenty minute walk” though by the end of it I was left panting and weak at the knees… we turned up at a building called “Everything Different” aka; different. This also had many different areas but also did jobs for massive companies such as L’Oreal (I think it was L’Oreal…) but anyhow we went downstairs to where we played air hockey, had a drink and some lunch. It was great. We met a man named Frasier who just finished making an advert which will be aired soon. Then rolled in the dominos pizzas and the day couldn’t get better.

Soon, we left and walked back through town to a place called “Orange Bus” which had roughly been going big for ten years. They had so much cool stuff! Orange bean bags which you just sunk into, saga’s, air hockey tables and walls which they wrote on! (talk about being easily amused) we were told how to make a good attractive website which works well. We then left Orange Bus and went on the journey back home. It was a very educational and interesting day and I enjoyed it a lot.

Corey Burnip – Age 15 – Burnside Business and Enterprise college