A gap in the market: LOVE NICHE by Isabelle Levitt


Nestled on the end of Clayton Street lies Love Niche a high fashion boutique.  Ran and created by Nisha Vedhara a confident and fashion savvy entrepreneur. When I walked into the studio the very definition of opulence I felt welcomed by Nisha’s talkative personality. In the studio I was instantly drawn to the jewellery, especially the necklaces, they were high quality but all of them were under £25.00. I loved Nisha’s own eveningwear range. I will definitely be coming back in two years time to browse for prom!

Nisha2This isn’t your average boutique where you feel nervous to touch anything, I felt free to browse through clothes. Unlike other boutiques, Nisha also offers her styling services to women, and will choose outfits according to their body shape, age and skin colour. Nisha prides herself on the fashion education she received from her mother and the London College of Fashion. On her website she mentions that she thoroughly enjoys putting together outfits for women who lack self esteem.Love NicheLogo

Nisha is also a designer. She says she was born and bred to be in this world having grown up in her mother’s fashion studio. From a young age she was able to put together outfits, at 18 she designed her own range of tunics and has never stopped designing since.  Nisha has two collections that are available in the studio;
Niche by Nisha Vedhara Resortwear
and Niche by Nisha Vedhara Eveningwear both of which are exquisite. Nisha has a great business, and I wish her every success in the future. I would encourage all you ladies out there to pay a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

By Isabelle Levitt, 14, Longbenton Community College