Ana talks to TICE about starting in the fashion industry


AnaWho are you and what do you / your business do? My name is Ana Rodriguez and I am a made to measure fashion designer and pattern cutter. I also have started working as a fashion assistant & wardrobe mistress for television series and music festivals in Spain.

How come you chose the industry you’re in now? What makes it so special? I always pictured myself being a fashion designer. It is not easy but it’s such a fun job, where every day is completely different so sometimes it doesn’t feel like a job.

What has been your biggest professional success?  I have had a very short career so far as I only finished my studies 3 years ago, but I worked on the wedding gown of one of the most important women in Marbella, the city where I live. Also, I am currently working at Starlite Festival , which I get to work as wardrobe mistress of all the dance crew as well as artists like Bryan Adams, Enrique Iglesias, Jamie Cullum, Noa and many other Spanish singers.Ana3

What do you feel is the hardest thing about getting into your industry today?  It is an extremely difficult industry to get into for many reasons.  You do not have many chances to prove what you’re worth. Also there are a lot of celebrities that intrude in the industry and call themselves designers when they are not. Also, not everybody can handle the extreme stress that you have at times, the highs and the lows, getting 10 clients in a week and then nothing for 3 months.

For me, the hardest part is to not go crazy over thinking about things and trying to keep a good balance between work and personal life.

If you went back to your 14/15 year old self, what type of word would you have with yourself!?

Sign up for all the work experiences you can because you will learn something new from every single boss o mentor you have. Make all the contacts you can because they will come in handy one day. Don’t be shy and lazy.

What advice would you give to a student aspiring to be in your industry today?

Work hard, research all you can on your own. It’s ok to get some help once in a while but nobody is EVER going to take care of your stuff more than you, so be INDEPENDENT. Be tough & strong, be original and especially do what you feel is right. Be true to your own style,

Ana6In your opinion, if you were hiring what would make a good impression?

Someone that is serious at work, that is willing to learn and has a fast mind. Someone who can handle stress and has a good work capacity. Someone who is down to earth and not in the fashion clouds because we work backstage and there’s no space for superstar wannabes.

Do you think it’s important for young people to have access to creative opportunities (such as TICE), and why? I feel that it is very important and I wish that I would have had that opportunity when I was younger because I started quite late.It is extremely important to give young people the opportunity to be creative, to find out what they want to do or to reassure them that what they think they want is exactly like they thought.

How do you feel access to creative opportunities in schools has changed over time? (for example, in comparison to when you were in secondary school or throughout further studies) I feel that England is a very good place to work on your creativity, unlike Spain. That is why I went there, to be a fashion designer.

Ana1Do you feel the current curriculum provides a sufficient amount of exposure to creative industries? Current curriculums nowadays are mainly focused on how many years of experience you have. With the economic crisis, everybody wants somebody in their business that already knows everything and don’t have to be taught.

Is it realistic for young people to pursue experience in creative industries? (in the sense that there is actually a job market in these fields) It is extremely difficult to finish uni and get a good job in the fashion industry these days. It’s unrealistic, but at least in the UK there are many small businesses that are willing to help young people and give them opportunities to learn how to work in the real world.

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