Boutique Trip by Chloe Culyer


Love NicheLogoI visited a beautiful boutique called ‘Love Niche’. While there I met the owner of the boutique called Nisha and she told us her story and how she opened the boutique and all of the great opportunities it has provided her with and all of the amazing people she has met and worked with. She told me she met Julien Mcdonald (only one of the greatest designers around currently!) and he told her that he loved her dress and obviously she was thrilled as she designed her dress herself! Who wouldn’t love that compliment?!

After I talked to Nisha for a little while about life as a stylist and designer and what she looks for when she designs a piece for someone – she explained what her thought process is during each stage of the design process such as ‘is this colour going to be right for their skin tone?’ or ‘will the shape of this dress suit this persons body shape?’. It was very interesting! She then answered some other questions and then let me look at her collection – and I must say the pieces were stunning! I had a quite few favourites!

The collection consisted of clothing pieces such as dresses, jackets, coats and tops etc. and accessories such as jewellery and hats. You could tell each piece was crafted beautifully and the design was well thought out. The colours and patterns were amazing and of such good quality!

Necklace LNOne of my favourite pieces was this beautiful necklace. This stunning piece would be enough to glam up any type of outfit! I especially like the simplicity of it and feel like just this would be perfect especially worn over the top of a plain, high necked dress.

By Chloe Culyer, Age 16, Churchill Community College