Bronze Fashion Workshops begin! by Hollie Newton #JohnSpence



Research and Trends

TICE 2014/15 started it’s Fashion journey at John Spence this year, with 20 girls taking part. We started off the day sharing ideas of what ‘Fashion’ is to us and how we think the industry works. After a short presentation we gained more of an insight into what qualifications you may need to work in the industry, as well as what sort of roles are available; ranging from a Designer or Buyer, to a Merchandiser or Allocator.

Design Development

The ‘physical’ side to the day was based around Trend Prediction and reports, using Mood Boards from WGSN to predict and develop our own trend for SS15. From the range available, each group chose a different path to explore, which was a great first step to showing that everybody has a different view on what fashion should be. Following from the mood boards, each individual created a range of labelled and coloured sketches. After group discussions, a Final Design was created, incorporating elements from each team members original designs.


Using Mannequins, Fabric, Paper and (a lot!) of glue, each team started to create their Final Design, adding colour and elements from their secret challenge! Dividing the tasks between the team meant that by the end of the day, the group had each created a Blog Post, coloured Final Design and a 3D Sculpture that represented their theme.

John Spence was a great group to work with, as they were highly motivated and excited to be involved, as well as demonstrating the ability to understand their brief and translate it into a workable design, as would be expected in the Fashion Industry. Great work and see you in the Silver Stage!