Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Throughout their time on TICE, students are tasked with many activities that include writing a blog post to share their experiences whilst being involved in the TICE programme or other projects. Here you will find blog entries from a vast array of young people from around the North East region giving you an insight into what TICE has been like for them. #TICEstudentvoice.

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Welcome to This is Creative Enterprise (TICE)


TICE is a national award winning non-profit organisation working in collaboration with educational institutions and creative industry networks.

Our work is the crosspoint of art, design, education, communication, science, culture and technology.

Here you'll find a vast range of blog posts coming from all the projects and programmes we run throughout the North East region. Some written by our TICE team, some straight from the young people themselves. Have a browse... This is Creative Enterprise!