TICE LogoDay 1: During day one, we first travelled out to Gateshead and started off in VRGTO Labs, in Baltimore House, which is a new modern office, which is designed to help computer scientists from different companies and backgrounds collaborate and work together. Here, we were given several talks about the Shaunexperiences of people in the field, such as Ross Linnet (ReciteMe), who made a program for dyslexic people online.

Afterwards, we visited the Northern Design Centre, which is a large office building with a focus on design, and we visited some offices, such as Kuro Dragon animation. I particularly liked a presentation on how people are using animation to help explain medical processes and how a hospital works.

Day 2: During day two, we started off in Northumbria University, where we looked at how we can use storyboard software to plan out games or animations. This was great since it explained to us the planning process of computer science.

SamFurthermore, we visited Campus North. Campus North is a large collaborative space in Newcastle which focuses on starting up new businesses. We were given talks by workers at Mozilla, and then we were assigned a task to make paper figures, which demonstrated the process of a production line. It was really interesting to hear experiences from people in the field, as well as learning about teamworking methods and how important collaborating is, since no-one can do all the process alone. The building was also very interesting, full of technology and creative people.

by Sam West, Whitley Bay High School.