Computer Science Silver Stage Tours & Talks by Issy Robinson


Silver stage day one

VRTGO LabsFor day one of our silver stage we visited VRTGO Labs in Gateshead, where we heard lots of inspirational speakers from lots of different companies. We found loads out about their roads to success and what their role is in the company. Each speaker had a different experience and a different story which showed that anyone can follow their dreams if they work hard.

Although I loved all the speakers, I personally found Ross Linnet particularly inspiring, this is because he came from a sporting background which I can relate too, and even though he struggled at school because he was dyslexic, went on to be extremely successful with his company “Recite me”, creating the world’s first dyslexic software. He showed me what determination can lead too.

For the second part of the day we went over to the Northern Design Centre where we met two companies. Kuro Dragon (Black dragon) were an animation company who were very lively and full of colour- they even had a ping pong table in their office! Animation seemed like such a cool and fun industry to be in. The second company we visited was a company which created animations and technology to help Kuro Dragondoctors, nurses and hospitals. I found this very interesting because it showed me what a wide range of areas technology can be used in and how it is changing the way we learn.

Overall day one of TICE was very inspiring and helped me think of computer science in a way I never had before. One thing I picked up on was all of the speakers said “never give up, follow your dreams and love what you do,” I find this very motivating.

Silver stage day two

We started of the day with an amazing sighting of the eclipse! After we had watched the eclipse pass, we got split into two groups, I started off in Northumbria University using an amazing software to create story boards about our time at yesterday’s silver stage. The software “Story board that” helped me be very creative with my storyboard, I found it very enjoyable sharing ideas with others and creating a solid end piece of work.

After lunch we then made our way over to Campus North, here we learned about the process of making apps and the different roles which people take in the team. We did lots of activities to demonstrate this. Our team won! We also got a chance to look around Campus North, it was totally different to the stereotypical office, everyone was so friendly and full of life, and there was so much colour!

I loved the TICE silver stage, I learned so much about computing science that I would have never learnt without TICE. Everyone that I met showed me that you can do whatever you love, if you put your heart into it!

By Issy Robinson Whitley Bay High School.