We all know that there are things what allow you to order food without leaving the house, and this is becoming more popular, for example ‘Just Eat’.  This app allows you to order take-away food without leaving the house.

After visiting three exciting and different businesses in The Toffee Factory.  Finally, we visited ‘Digital Surveys’ whichDigital Surveys we discovered that not only can you order food from your computer you can also try the virtual world, by simply connecting  Oculus Rift – which are like virtual head mounted display, you can feel like your in the real world.

Digital Surveys was formed in 1988, Digital Surveys is a privately owned company offering a range of specialist survey, dimensional control and industrial measurement services. Over the years we have built a glowing reputation!

With the Oculus Rift, it enables you to get have a feel of what its like in the virtual world – from riding roller coasters to getting a taste to what its like in an actual vehicle!  Could this stop people leaving their home?

Oculus RiftAlthough this is designed to be a video game, could this be more than a video game?  We all know that video games are popular, and already stop people leaving their house as they at too busy playing.

At a cost of around $350 (around £225) this could make an affordable gift for a teenager or even an adult as a gift.

By Adam Murphy, age 14

Burnside Business & Enterprise College.