Hello! I’m Dani Walsh, originally from Manchester, and I joined the TICE team in 2017 to showcase Computer Science.

My journey all started when I was 10 years old and I was busy copying and pasting HTML & CSS code to create Harry Potter websites. At 10 I did not understand how this code worked! The ‘trialling and erroring’ of the copy-paste method helped me create a community where only I was allowed in Gryffindor and everyone else was in Slytherin.

Growing up, I was fascinated by building machines with my Dad and code started to make more sense. My curiosity led me to cybersecurity at a young age and getting into trouble with my parents for changing my Neighbour’s WiFi names.

At college, I learnt the ‘Pascal’ programming language in my Computer Science A-Level and later went straight into Bsc (Hons) Ethical Hacking for Computer Security at Northumbria University where I developed my skills in network, web and operating system security. Whilst I was at University in my 2nd year, Sevcon (now formally known as Borg Warner) sponsored me through my University degree where I now work with Electric and Hybrid vehicles as a Software Engineer.

When I’m not a mentor for TICE or Software Engineer at BorgWarner; I am voluntarily Chief Education Officer at Coderdojo North East teaching children aged 6 to 17 (for free) about robotics, code, hacking and website development. If I’m not at a machine, I like to read and venture around the North East.

I’m looking forward to showing the young people of the North East how transferrable and rewarding Computer Science based skills are. The logic, problem-solving and creativity will allow you to take your career in any direction whether that’s games, VR, medicine or hacking. In our transforming, growing digital world it is imperative we learn to use technology safely and efficiently. I will enjoy showing the TICE children of 2017 how interesting and accessible Computer Science is for any boy, girl no matter their age.