Fantastic Tice Silver Stage! By Jasper Ohlendorf


TICE LOGOSo the on the first day we went down to Gateshead, VRTGO labs, to visit lots of people from different industries involved with computer science.  There were animators, Kuro Dragon, and software developers such as Ross Linnet. Ross has developed a piece of software called Recite me. The software was developed for people with dyslexia and helps them hear what they’re reading.

I found all these people very interesting but I definitely enjoyed Hammerhead VR the most. Hammerhead VR develops virtual reality games and simulations used by the Oculus rift. I was inspired by Steve Jelley and Christian Frausig, Hammerhead VR, and I am very interesting virtual reality software and simulations so I enjoyed this talk very much.

On the second day we started off at Northumbria University but before we set off to our next talk we got to see the solar eclipse! After that we went down to Campus North which was really cool.

Campus NorthCampus North was an office but not like any other. There were ping pong tables, hammocks and even small telephone box sized offices! At Campus North we did a game to see what working in computer science was like and this was presented by Alex who works at Sage and Alex who works with Mozilla (Developers off Firefox!)

After that we went back to Northumbria University to design a PowerPoint like presentation about what we did in the Silver stage.

Personally, I really enjoyed the TICE silver days we got to see how the computer science industry functions and how they develop all their software.

By Jasper Ohlendorf, Whitley Bay High School, @JasperOhlendorf.