Fashion BOOM!! by Chantelle Allen



My day at Northumbria University. What an interesting day I must say! Finding what it’s all about, leaving school and starting a new step in your chapter. What I liked about the day as that we found out what the fashion industry was about and even got to look around the fashion department and its was very different to what I thought but for the right reasons. I thought it would be like school desks and that but no, it was a lot more relaxing and calm. Everyone seemed to get on very well!

We started the afternoon with a lecture about what the fashion side of things was like and it was good because you got the feeling like a student in the university and got to get the feeling of a lecture. After about 40 mins we then began the tour of fashion, they was four floors of fashion and they all did something different to each other. The website below is the fashion course take a look:

The fashion tour was very good and I learnt a lot about what different courses there were and found out what it was like as a student in university which was nice. They were three main titles in fashion they were:

¨ Fashion marketing

¨ Fashion design

¨ Fashion communication


In the lecture, a fashion tutor showed us a video of these 3 areas and showed us what it included .It was  quite nice because fashion was you being creative and it was your own designs at the end of it all.

By Chantelle Allen, Seaton Burn college, Age 14