M&SPart 1 of the silver stage of TICE Fashion was a very interesting day, we visited Marks and Spencer’s and Topshop, and we were lucky enough to go ‘behind the scenes’ and learn about the different aspects of the companies and see all of the hard work that goes into running the stores.

Out of the two stores we visited Marks and Spencer’s first, we were spoken to by multiple people who have different roles within the company. They told us about what their specific roles entailed and what their responsibilities are in great detail, which was very helpful.

We then had a tour around the store including where all of the stock is brought in, which was good to see, as we sawTopshop how much effort went into sorting all of the stock to be taken into the shop floor, although it was very cold in there!

After Marks and Spencer’s we visited Topshop where we also learnt about different job roles, we also learnt about what happens when new style ranges/trends are brought into the store. We also visited the stockroom, which obviously is where the stock is kept, and saw how the system worked in there. Then after Topshop the day was over 🙁

Overall I had a very fun day and I learnt a lot about the fashion industry and that there are many other job opportunities within a shop, other than working behind a till.

Lauren Anderson, John Spence Community High School.