Having their say!



Having their sayIt’s all good and well that we tell you about the benefits of being involved in TICE. However, nothing is better than reading the statements of students who have been there and done it. Today, we rounded up some of the feedback given from the 2012-13 cohorts of Gold Stage students, so what did they think?

For 72 students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Longbenton Community College and Sandhill View School it was a yearlong exploration of a creative subject they were interested in. We wanted to know what had been the highlights of TICE 2012-13 and what they thought they had learnt, plus would they recommend it. – Here’s what a few of them had to say:

What has been the main aspect which has stood out for you whilst being involved in the Gold Stage of TICE?

The students who have given their comments came from the range of creative areas and were involved in a wide range of Gold Stage Projects in Fashion, Graphics, Music and Photography.

  • Working with other schools and at a professional studio
  • Learning all the techniques to up-cycle clothes
  • The people I’ve met from other schools with the same interests as me
  • Going to Belsay Hall and doing the photo shoot
  • The individual help that was given
  • The Final day of setting up our exhibition
  • Seeing the final product
  • Working with new people
  • Using the techniques when out at Belsay Hall
  • Learning all the aspects and skills it takes to create a blog
  • I loved the research mostly
  • The designing and artwork
  • Putting the blogs together and receiving comments and likes from my posts. Also, being a stylist for the day at Warehouse.
  • Being able to actually get involved and experience the fashion industry.
  • Group work

What skills do you feel you have picked up whilst being involved in the Gold Stage of TICE?

The students were given 3 days to complete a project which was written by an industry professional, here is what they felt they learnt:

  • Sewing, dip-dyeing and printing
  • Computer skills and communication skills
  • Sewing skills and about Suffolk Puffs (!) have helped me massively as I used it for my art projects and coursework.
  • Gaining photoshop skills
  • Working in the studio
  • How to work confidentially
  • It has improved my eye for detail
  • I feel as if I have learnt how to sew and how to use a sewing machine properly
  • I can work in a team much more easily
  • Learning how to blog and style people
  • The depth of field and many more!
  • I have improved my vocal range and skills
  • More technical photography  skills
  • I learnt more about textiles and trend analysis
  • Composition rules (and listening!)
  • Trend prediction
  • I’m more comfortable using a camera
  • Different techniques in fashion and about roles and responsibilities
  • Becoming more creative
  • Timekeeping! And working under pressure.
  • Performance and creativity within music

And finally… Would you recommend TICE to someone considering it next year?

  • DO IT! Such an amazing experience
  • It’s a great experience and I learnt lots of different techniques
  • It’s a really good experience to go through and you learn a lot about yourself
  • Do it because it’s a great experience to learn more about what you’re interested in.
  • I would say do it! It’s amazing and a great experience.
  • It’s fun and helps you understand more.
  • Go for it you’ll really enjoy it
  • Definitely do it!
  • Great experience
  • Definitely do TICE. This process has really helped me decide my career for the future. So it was a huge help!
  • Definitely do it – it’s very eye-opening.
  • Definitely try it – put 100% in.
  • Take it – great opportunity!
  • Make the most out of it while it lasts. It’s brilliant.

Ah well we think they enjoyed it and learnt quite a bit on the way… great news for the TICE team!