Hello friends of the earth! by Priscilla Kwok


Man, it’s been forever since I properly sat down to type out a little blog. Well, since I’ve got nothing to do, I figured I’d catch up with you guys ^ ^. If you guys haven’t read the title already, this blog from me is about my TICE experience! Let’s get started…. Well, first of all it was a great day, we learnt lots and lots and from this awesome experience I am completely certain of what I want to do in the future- so if my beautiful readers are going to do TICE, I completely recommend it!!!

Anyways, the first thing we did was visit the theatre royal where Jenny kindly gave us a brief description of the day. We then went to meet miss Sandra Tang AKA The Chicest! She is so inspiring, she gave us loads of helpful tips and deep insight into the world of fashion, one day, I hope to be as successful as her…

Next, we went to pay a visit to Jules B where we had a great intro of what they do then we had a tour of the whole workshop, the experience was awesome.

Northumbria FashionAfter this, we had lunch at the Northumbria University, then we went into this massive lecture theatre where we were informed about what happens in the fashion industry and what you study in university. Then we had a tour around the university and were told about the past successors from Northumbria University who got into awesome jobs with the qualifications from Northumbria. From this experience I know what I need to do to achieve my dream job so I once again seriously recommend TICE to everyone!

With love, from Priscilla
Burnside Business & Enterprise College.