How to study fashion at Northumbria University by Abby Graham


NorthOn February 3rd, I went to Northumbria University to see what it would be like to study fashion. I found out many things at the university such as what qualifications you need to what students have gone on to do after they’ve completed their degree. However, to find out this information, we had to go to a lecture. As you may know, there are a few courses that you can do when you choose to do fashion at Northumbria University such as; Fashion Design, Marketing and more. You can also do a few projects too. Some of which include trends, magazines and some can be to do with different shops like Abercrombie and Fitch.

When trying to get into a fashion degree, the qualifications (GCSE’S) that you will need are art, textiles, design and Northumbria Lecture Theatremarketing. I think it’s a little obvious why you would need textiles as they are fashion courses. The marketing would be for if you were to sell your garment. When you are being interviewed, I think that the best things to show are that you love fashion, you are eager, you are prepared and ambitious as they will be looking for all of those things for someone to go to the university plus someone who can research about their product before making it.

I think that when it comes to fashion, it’s not so much working with famous people, but famous companies such as Jules B and Topshop and some students have gone onto do exactly that. Some students have gone on to design for large companies, e.g. Topshop.


Abby Graham
Burnside Business and Enterprise College.