Incredible TICE by Sam Wallis


Day 1

Sam1The Loft

On the first day of T.I.C.E we visited a stunning recording studio in which we got a tour of the studio and where people preformed and how they produce the music as well as where they relaxed. We also had a number of musicians and engineers who came in a talked to us, giving us advice and enthusiastic words we also had the opportunity to ask any suitable questions which was very helpful.

Sam2The 02 academy

In the second half of the day we visited the O2 academy. We got a interesting tour of the different rooms used for music, I never actually realised the academy was so large. We got to stand on the stage and that was an amazing honour to stand where many professional bands/artists had previously stood. We found out some useful information out such as, what the academy was before it was a music venue. We also talked about the lighting, themes, staff etc… just like the Loft we got to ask questions and all got answered great.

Day 2

Sam3The Sage

On the second day of T.I.C.E we spent the full day at the Sage in Gateshead. Firstly we had a tour around 3 different halls which were regularly used. After we visited all the rooms we did a music practical workshop with level three diploma music students called Jamie, Emily and Sarah. We learned 2 songs which were ‘Dynamite’ and ‘I want you back’, and performed in front of the public on the concourse.

Overall I have really enjoyed the experience of working with new people and building up my musical skills and my confidence.

My favourite day was the 2nd as I have a strong passion for singing and it was a brilliant opportunity.

By Sam Wallis, Year 10,  Burnside Business & Enterprise College.