Going on the TICE trip I got to explore lots of different jobs that I otherwise would not have found out about at school. I met lots of people who are very good at their job and enjoy it very much. They gave me lots of career advice and explained what the job they do is like.

Recite MeA bit of career advice that quite a lot of the speakers said that really stuck in my head was, ‘do what you love!’ This reminded me of a saying that I like a lot, ‘do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.’ I like this saying because I totally agree with it.

The person that inspired me the most was Ross (Recite Me). He inspired me as not everything went his way at first. A main thing that caused a bit of difficulty for him was the fact that he was dyslexic, which he wasn’t aware of. But he didn’t let it affect him, he is now very successful and has met the Queen and David Cameron. One of the main pieces of advice he gave was to make friends along the way and they might be able to help you in some way in the future.

Overall I found the two days of the silver stage very interesting and would definitely consider exploring the more creative jobs.

By Abigail Ridley, age 14, Whitley Bay High School