Jenny is the Founder and Managing Director of This is Creative Enterprise CIC, however her background is in the fashion industry. Jenny started her first company straight after studying a BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University and travelled internationally selling the collections winning a number of regional business and entrepreneurship awards, this company brought much recognition and publicity including promotion in magazines such as Living North, Cosmopolitan and Bridal Vogue. It even gained an invitation to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace for young entrepreneurs.

Jenny started building her creative education company in 2006, with the intention of developing creative enterprise workshops in schools and colleges particularly within the fashion sector. Since then, the business has grown substantially and ventured into all areas of creative industries by recruiting creative entrepreneurs along the way, now 23 in facilitators total in an array of creative subjects and over 180 projects completed to date.

‘This is Creative Enterprise’ was written by Jenny in 2008, in response to the growing and rapidly expanding creative sector. The “creative industries” has become one of the world’s fastest growing sectors throughout the last 20 years and is becoming one the main contributors of the global economy. Job roles have expanded, developed and been invented within this incredibly fast paced sector and now it is more important than ever that young people are able to identify potential career paths. ‘This is Creative Enterprise’ is a first step into providing an overview of creative industries and therefore giving young people the tools to make more informed decisions about their future.


This is Creative Enterprise CIC (TICE)
Founder & Managing Director
Fashion & Creative Enterprise Mentor