Ladders Film/TV Course


Ladders: Film/TV/Animation Course

Designed for those with little experience of film/TV or animation, this 12-week course will provide hands-on training in professional digital media industries under the guidance of industry tutors, guest speakers and masterclasses.  Practical workshops and training exercises will provide a well-balanced introduction to the technical craft of filmmaking and the art of visual storytelling.

Storytelling for screen is no longer restricted to big-budget cinema releases and television series commissioned by major networks. The need for quality content across digital media delivery platforms such as subscription TV, mobile devices, internet, promotional campaigns and film festivals is leading to lucrative opportunities for multi-skilled professionals to generate highly creative, captivating productions. This 12-week course will allow you to explore a wide range of career options within the film, television and digital media industries.

Sessions: Dates: Times: Summary:
LAUNCH 23rd Feb 4-5.30pm Launch of Cohort 4
Session one 28th Feb 4-8pm Introduction to Film/TV/Animation

Introductions to Film/TV/Overview of industry/Looking at pitching and storyboarding

Session two 7th March 10 – 4pm Skills Development Session in Camera work/Sound. Camera basics, Sound basics – Green screen, shooting room. Editing/Animation/VFX day
Session three 14th March 10-4pm Company Visits (Film/TV)
Added Extra 20th March 1-4pm BBC Studio Tour (Newcastle)
Session four 21st March 10-4pm Introduction to Project Briefs.
Session five Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Session six Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Session seven Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Session eight 18th April 4-8pm Project support delivery
Session nine 25th April 10-6pm One to One/Group tutorials+ Project support delivery
Session ten 2nd May 10-6pm Project support delivery
Session eleven 9th May 10-6pm Project support delivery
Session twelve 11th May 4-8pm Project presentation/Progression/Enterprise & opportunities

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To join the Ladders courses you must be between 18-24yrs and be living in the North East.

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