Ladders Music Course


Ladders: Music Course

This unique and exciting creative course is an 8-week programme of music creation and music business training. You will learn what is required to write songs and create recordings in two modern music studios in Newcastle. You will also discover how the creative aspects fit in within the wider music industry and be introduced to a wide range of career paths available in this sector.

The programme will include guest speakers who will take you through their specialisms to give you a first-hand account of what a career in their field can offer you. From managing the next superstar to releasing your own music on your own label, from being a booking agent for jet-setting DJs to setting up your own music for media company, this course will give you a clear insight into the many and varied roles in the music business. You will learn how it all works together, how revenue streams flow and how copyrights are protected and exploited. There will also be two days dedicated to tours of major music businesses and educational institutions in the region, to give you a behind-the-scenes and exclusive insight into the inner workings of venues, studios, record labels and other music enterprises.

Part of the programme will be devoted to you devising and running your own mini music project, using all the skills and information you discovered in the first stages and supported by your tutor. You will leave this 8-week creative course with a bounty of knowledge about possible career paths, a clear understanding of what skills each job requires you to have and how to go about getting those skills if you do not already have them.

Weeks: Dates: Times: Summary:
Week One 6th Feb (Mon) 4-5pm


Creative Course Introductions

Introduction to the whole music industry. Course Overview

9th Feb (Thurs) 4-8pm Skills Development (Songwriting & Production)
Week Two 13th  Feb (Mon) 4-7pm Business Know How (PR & Funding)
16th  Feb (Thurs) 4-10pm Skills Development (Recording & Mixing)
Week Three 20th  Feb (Mon) 4-8pm Business Know How (Synchronisation & Bespoke Composition)
23rd Feb (Thurs) 1-5.30pm Company Visits
Week Four 2nd Mar


1-5.30pm Company Visits
 Week Five  6th Mar (Mon)  4-8pm  Business Know How (Generator, Management, & Self-releasing)
9th Mar (Thurs) 4.30pm -7pm Introduction to the Projects (All courses together)
11th Mar (Sat) 10-4pm Project Development Session
Guest Speaker: Dan Burt, Border Scout
Week Six 13th Mar (Mon) 4-8pm Project Development Session
18th Mar (Sat) 10-4pm Project Development Session
Week seven 20th Mar (Mon) 4-8pm One to one tutorials
23rd Mar (Thurs) 4-8pm Project Development Session
Week eight 27th Mar (Mon) 4-8pm Project Development Session
30th Mar (Thurs) 4-7pm Project Completion (Showcase)

*All venues are based in Newcastle City Centre.
** Please Note: depending on beneficiaries some dates/times are subject to change.
Venues include:


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