Ladders Software Development Course


Ladders:  Software Development Course

This dynamic and far-reaching course will accelerate budding young developers learning and get them up to speed with industry standards and the range of possible careers within this growing and exciting industry sector. We will be looking at many aspects of software development from web development, to mobile development and through to modern games programming techniques.

We will start by learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, which are the languages of the web. We will then move onto Python to show how we can create a backend server to drive our web pages, as well as other applications for Python such as electronics and graphics programming.

On top of the learning we will also be going to visit a variety of successful businesses which will show the participants the range and scope of available positions. It will also demonstrate the sort of skills that will be needed to secure a position of this nature. The course is very much geared towards helping participants prepare for their first role so each person will be helped to develop the skills for the position they would like to pursue. There will also be support to pursue the possibility of starting their own business with, perhaps, an app or website idea.

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Week one


27th Sept 4-8pm Introduction to…Software Development (Course Overview) – Intro to HTML/CSS
Week two 4th Oct 10 – 4pm Introduction to… Javascript and combining with HTML and CSS to produce webpages.
Week three 11th Oct 10-4pm Company Visits
Week four 18th Oct 10-4pm Skills Development Session in… Javascript – JQuery and data loading through APIs. Introduction to Python and how web services work. Introduction to Project Briefs…
Week five Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Week six Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Week seven Arrange with mentor TBC Tutorials (one to one)
Week eight 15th Nov 4-8pm Introduction to project briefs /Project support delivery
Week nine 24th Nov 10-6pm One to One/Group tutorials+ Project support delivery
Week ten 29th Nov 10-6pm Project support delivery
Week eleven 6th Dec 10-6pm Project support delivery
Week twelve 12th Dec 4-8pm Project presentation/Progression/Enterprise & opportunities

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To join a Ladders course you must be between 18-24yrs and living in the North East.

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