Life within Graphics by Lewis Quinn


DifferentIt is usually said that people get bored of their casual nine till five jobs, but that is not what I experienced when I visited various graphic design studios in Newcastle. I went to three different companies and each one had a friendly relaxed environment in which the employees were all very laid back and were happy to work the job they had.

Which made me think about in a career in graphics, not only is the job fun but in this line of work you get to be a part of a team and work together until you have a finished producing a product and can see the product being launched. The majority of the people in the workplace were in there early twenties which made me think how quickly a career in graphics can take off.

I met a young animator call Frazer, he had studied graphics in Sunderland University for three years and had been working in a graphic design company called Everything Different for two years. The company he worked at had ongoing partnerships with L’Oreal and AutoTrader and had been producing ads for them.

Overall I had an amazing and inspiring day with these extraordinary people who showed me that dreams can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

By Lewis Quinn, Age: 15, Burnside Business and Enterprise College.