My name is Megan Savage, I’m 19 years old and I’m an intern at TICE. I joined the team in the Summer of 2015.

Music became my immediate interest when I was in Primary School and over the years, I’ve worked in choirs, musical theatre and rock/pop bands. When I was 13, I decided to take part in the TICE programme – music being the subject strand that I worked on. I enjoyed it so much that I completed the programme again the year after and a couple of years later, worked alongside the mentors as part of the work experience team.

I successfully passed my GCSEs and A-Levels at Burnside Business and Enterprise College, which lead to my offer to study Contemporary and Popular Music at Newcastle University. After doing work experience for TICE, I was asked to join the team as an official member. Outside of TICE and studying, I continue to gig as a solo artist in various venues around the North-East. My hobbies outside of music include film-making, reading, TV show binge watching and drinking tea. Lots of tea.

Megan Savage

The reason I began to work with TICE is because I want to give students the opportunity that I was given when I was at school. I grew musically and personally which would’ve evidently changed my life. Therefore, I find it incredibly gratifying to help others realise their ability to succeed in creative industries.

TICE gives students the chance to receive professional outlooks on their chosen strand, a huge growth in contacts and life-changing opportunities which will only help them to achieve more. TICE is one of a kind and only with this programme, students can truly be creatively educated in the best way possible. Realism, professionalism and inspiration is what TICE is all about.