My name is Megan Savage and I’m the Programme Support and Co-ordinator at TICE. I joined the team in the summer of 2015.

I am an ex-TICE student, previously participating in the music strand of the programme from 2010-2012. I returned a few years later, working alongside the mentors as part of the work experience team whilst completing my A-Levels at Burnside Business and Enterprise College. Now I am currently studying Contemporary and Popular Music at Newcastle University alongside my role at TICE, learning particularly about performance and the social/political aspects of the music industry. Photography/film-making, blogging, reading and TV show binge-watching are also on the list of joys in my life. Oh, and drinking tea. Lots of tea.

Megan Savage

At TICE, I’m incredibly passionate about giving students the opportunity that I was given when I was 13. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t experience the creative and digital industries first-hand. The skills I gained both vocally and personally have been vital in my achievements over the past few years and I find it equally gratifying to help others discover their ability to succeed.