Most inspirational trip by Britany Woods


A day at Woodhorn Museum

My name is Britany Woods , I’m 13 and this has been the most inspirational trip I have ever been on.  It brought out the best of me when I IMG_0223could express my drawing skills, also when we did the vanishing points and my best part of the gallery was seeing how amazing people can be.  I saw that a group of miners were just ordinary miners but when they learnt to use art skills, they made the most amazing art work.  When we went round the museum it brought me back to the time when all the men went down into the mine and were stuck in small tunnels.  I felt  it was a back breaking job.  It made me think that we have very good working conditions now but back then they were always dirty and ill, it really opened my mind.IMG_0220

When we were allowed to take photos we went into the country park, the wildlife was extraordinary, I saw a few small birds and a large frog.  I most of all loved when we were walking through the leaves as they sounded amazing, the smell of nature was divine and I loved just being free with the photos.  This was the best day of my life.

TICE for life.

By Britany Woods, age 13, Churchill Community College.