Music Silver Stage by Eleanor Freeth


On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th March I took part in TICE silver stage.

Day 1: Today we visited the Loft and was visited by people who have worked with the business side of music. Our first visit was from Andrew who is the manager of Loft and he spoke to us about the history of Loft and the financial side of being involved in the music industry. We then spoke to Joe and Ged who work for a company called Generator and they spoke to us about how to get started. In the afternoon we visited a popular music location named O2 academy, which is located in the centre of Newcastle. We got a tour around the venue and got to go onto the stage which helped us to see what it is like to stand there from a celebrity’s point of view.

Music Students at the SageDay 2: On our second day we went to the Sage Gateshead where we spoke to Kitty who then gave us a tour of the building. We then got involved in a workshop ran by 3 of the students that study music at the Sage. Our workshop involved us singing and doing vocal work which helped us gain confidence in front of each other and also so we could get to know each other better. After lunch we then performed two pieces we had practiced and learnt that day in front of the members of the public that was visiting the Sage that day.

Overall my experience of TICE went well it did not only help me to know more about the business side of music but to also gain a little confidence in myself.

Eleanor Freeth, Burnside Business and Enterprise College.