Musical adventures of T.I.C.E day 2 by Aylisha Elliott


So, on day 2 we were at the Sage for an entire day.  As I walked in I was amazed. It looked so wonderful. My friends and I put our bags down after talking to Sam then went over to a piano labelled “play me” and messed around with a few songs. Once everyone was there, we were taken into hall one by a women, named Kitty, who worked at the Sage. Kitty told us all about what courses they do, connections with other places, different types of events and much, much more. She showed around the other halls; first stop, hall two. This hall was very different to hall one. It was a lot smaller and it was round. I quite liked this one (not as much as hall one though). It seemed really cosy and the colour was gorgeous. It was red with hints of black, I know it doesn’t sound nice but I thought that it was really nice. Next stop was a hall which was a little different from the others. This one was where all of the bands would go to practice before a performance. This was when Kitty told us a pretty interesting fact. People got married there too! What made it interesting was that a man that we had met on day 1 had actually got married there. We walked out of the room and Kitty stopped us. She showed us all a very long line that ran through the middle of the entire building. I loved learning about all of this information that I never knew existed.

Kitty led us back to hall we met 3 students from Gateshead College. There was Emily, Jamie and Sara. We did lots of animal/jungle related activities with Sara and Jamie which were quite strange but really fun and seemed to make everyone more comfortable around each other. Afterwards, Emily took over. She taught us two songs and split us into groups for different parts of the songs. Before lunch we were told that we had a surprise at the end of the day.

During lunch I went to Tesco which gave me the chance to meet a girl from another school. When I got back I wasn’t hungry so my friends and I decided to go around and explore some areas we hadn’t seen and go back to the piano. We went back into hall one when everyone was finished and practised the songs. Jamie had been working with some people on guitars which were added to the song. As the day was almost at an end, we were eventually told the surprise. We were to sing on the concourse infront of all the people in the café. “Oh God” was pretty much all I could say. When we got downstairs I was really nervous because I can’t really sing but when everyone was singing, I was fine. Nobody could hear just me. The whole thing sounded soooo good. Then, unfortunately our second and last day of silver stage was over 🙁

TICE has helped me realise my strengths. It’s helped me learn what I could become in the future. I wish all the silver stage student the very best of luck. I really hope to get into gold stage, it would be great.

By Aylisha Elliott, John Spence Community High School.

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