My 2 Day TICE Experience by Liam Clough

As an aspiring musician I found the two day TICE programme to be quite enlightening. It was a very calm experience. On the first day, wetice1 visited the Loft Recording Studio where I inquired about various roles within the music industry, but also opportunities open to me. To start up, we played a game where we said the names of the people to our left and right, me being as lucky as I am the person to the right of me had went somewhere so I ended up replacing their name with “chair” out of panic (how embarrassing). By the end of the visit to the Loft Recording Studio we listened to an interview which was where I asked about current opportunities and volunteer work that is open to me, but sadly I have to wait until I’m 16 to look further into these. After this, we visited the o2 Academy where we had lunch (lunch for me consisting of a lot of popcorn) and then took a tour of the venue which included on stage and behind the stage.
tice2For my second day we spent the day at The Sage in Gateshead where we played a few rhythm games and did some vocal warm ups leading up to lunch. After lunch (which consisted of more popcorn) me and a few close friends agreed to come back early to learn instrument parts as we find that route more appealing. Luckily we learned our parts in time as we were presented with a surprise performance as seen on the website and although I had the most brain dead expression I was really proud on the inside.
I’m hoping to go to gold and continue to pursue my ambitions in the music industry. 🙂
By Liam Clough, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.