My amazing 2 days at TICE silver stage Music! by Courtney Haikney


On my first day I went to Loft music studios, I met some amazing people who took their time to talk to us about their careers and what they do! At first we got a tour around Loft, it was very interesting, I loved it! After that Generator came in to speak to us and told us who they are and what they do, they also shared some video clips with us! Finally we met Sam’s friend James Smith who basically told us about his experiences and his career and how get got where he is today I really enjoyed listening to James!

We then headed to the O2 Academy and had lunch & that’s where I met two guys ( forgot their names sorry!!!) but they told us what they domusic & they also told us history about the O2 academy! I was very interested! We then got a tour around the Academy, backstage; which I never knew was so small haha!! We also went up to the stage which was an amazing experience to end the day we went upstairs to the sitting area which looked over the stage and we all got to ask questions about the place and about the careers!

MusicDay 2 we stayed at the Sage Gateshead all day! We first met Kitty and she told us about what she does at the Sage and about what you can do there, she then took us on a little tour and told us about each room and what is good about them and what the differences are which was great! Afterwards we met 3 students from the Sage and started off by telling everyone our names and what we play, we then started to do some warm ups which I enjoyed as this went on my confidence was getting much better, after that we began to sing ‘Dynamite’ together and then begin to sing ‘I want you back’ – Jackson 5 we all came in at different parts it was really amazing! After lunch we had a little surprise and that was to perform the songs we had been practicing all day in front of people down at the cafe and the shop at the Sage, I was so excited and I didn’t feel nervous, I loved it!!!!

Day 2 was definitely my favourite day as it was more practical and I got to speak to other people I never met which I really enjoyed! I met so many different people with different talents! Thank you Sam and TICE for giving me this opportunity in the silver stage! 🙂

By Courtney Haikney,  Burnside Business & Enterprise College.