My amazing day at T.I.C.E by Joseph Rigby


Day 1:

The Loft

On the first day of T.I.C.E we started off by going to the Loft recording studio in Newcastle. When we got there we met the owner and he gave us a tour. First we went to the part of the recording studio where they mix the music up, add effects and change sounds. Next we went to the room where they come up with the ideas. This area was a chilled out place and had an overall positive atmosphere. After that we had talks from major people in the music business today, in these talks we had the opportunity to ask questions and find out how to get into the business today.

The O2

For the second half of the day we went and visited the O2. This was a great opportunity to find out about how artists book these venues and how they set the equipment up. Soon after that we talked to a lighting specialist who told us about the engineering side of music and how to set up their equipment and use it. After that we went backstage and were shown onto the stage. On the stage we were allowed to play with the screen controls and create our own screen images.

Day 2:

The Sage

On the second day of T.I.C.E we spent the whole day at the Sage. First we had a tour of the 3 different halls. All the halls were designed so the sound was the same in every spot in the hall, if you were at the top you would hear exactly what the people at the bottom would hear. This was all to do with the design of the wall panels. For the next part of the day we did some vocal exercises, even though I am not a singer I enjoyed doing something different. Soon after we started learning a Jackson 5 song which I really enjoyed. At the end of the day we performed this song for all the people down at the café, I was nervous at the start but then started to really enjoy performing in front of people.


Overall I enjoyed the end performance the best, this is because I was singing which was different and also performed in front of other people, this was challenging but I enjoyed it. All together the whole 2 days were amazing and enjoyable.  Thank you T.I.C.E!!

Name: Joseph Rigby                       School: Burnside business and enterprise college                  Age: 14