My experience visiting Love Niche by Chloe Gray


Love Niche1 Love Niche2February 13th, was our first day in the silver stage of the TICE fashion course. We were fortunate enough to visit a number of businesses including Marks and Spencer’s and also Topshop.

One business that really stood out to me was the Love Niche boutique. When we arrived we were greeted by Nisha Vedhara herself, the owner of the business. She designs pretty much all of the clothes she sells and makes them!

She was so lovely and happy enough to answer any questions we had about her business and her life in the fashion industry.

I found her really inspiring as she explained to us how she hadn’t earned any qualifications in fashion and had studied business and yet she has still managed to build up and design such a unique and beautiful collection of clothes.

Love Niche 4She even gave us all 10% off vouchers and a business card!

When I first walked in, I was in complete awe at how classy and glamorous everything was. The way she has arranged the clothes in colour order really gives the boutique a professional and serious look, and everything has a place. Even the jewellery display is neat and tidy.  Love Niche 3

But the clothes…… They are all absolutely gorgeous and I don’t think I have seen clothes like them in my life! They range from jumpers to prom dresses, you could find anything you wanted in there. Plus, Nisha even does custom designs, so you could buy something that was exactly suited to you and your body shape.

I would definitely recommend people to visit this phenomenal boutique, and as a bonus it has high street prices! This was a big surprise for me as everything is such good quality and has exquisite design.

I will 100% be visiting this website because I’ve fell in love with at least half of the clothes in there!

Nishas website: