Now… I don’t really know where to start as I have never written a blog before but I really want go and take part in the Gold stage so, well, I guess I have to, so here it goes.


On the first day we went to Baltimore House to a brand new room called ‘Vrtgo Labs’ (deliberately not Vertigo) that’s not open to the public for another week. Where we were ‘lectured’ by experts in coding and computer B2programming. There were two people who really inspired me. First of all there was a man called Ricky Graham who makes lots of TV adverts with his animation company such as poker stars. He was really cool and even went as far as to explain how he once got sued for publicity. The other people were Steve Jelly and a Dutch man named Christian who are in charge of HammerheadVR. They had worked on many important projects such as developing games for the oculus rift and they even went as far as to give me a business card.

B3One the second day we went to a place called Campus North near Northumbria University. Where we were given a tour around an area made for people who want to help each other solve problems they may come across when going through the product design cycle. We then went on to have a talk given by a man from Mozilla Foundation and we did an activity showing the different types of web design stages.

I hope this blog has enough ‘character’ in it because I have never written a blog before so  had to use my initiative.

Bill, Whitley Bay High School – Silver stage TICE competitor, hoping for Gold.