My Favourite Part… by Kyle Bryden


Toffee FactoryMy favourite part of our TICE trip on Tuesday was at the Toffee Factory when we visited the people who print 3D Objects onto a computer and I had a go on a pair of virtual goggles called Oculus Rift which was really insane as I have always wanted to have a go on one as I have seen Youtubers and game designers play on them before.

Another great highlight of the day was when we went to Everything Different and went to see some people who made adverts for websites and also created realistic pictures of perfume bottles etc. which was really interesting to find out about stuff such as this had caught my attention recently for a potential future job.

I enjoyed meeting new people and learning what realistic jobs could be open for me after I leave school and what subjects I could study at college/university, it all seems very interesting and is definitely something I want to professionalise in when I’m older. I would like to thank Mark and Sarah for taking all of us on this trip and Different buying us pizza, as itPizza shot was a really fun experience and I learnt a lot of new things. I would definitely like to progress into the next stage of the project because I’m sure there will be more new and exciting things to learn about design, technology and jobs that I will have a major interest in.

By Kyle Bryden, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Year 10