My Inspiring TICE Trip by Yazmine Baddoo


Day 1:

Music O2On the first day of TICE silver stage we met with 2 other schools to go to Loft studios in Newcastle. We met an inspiring man called Andrew who had loads of experience in the industry. He told us about what he does on a day-to-day basis. I found out about how he created music for CSI shows in New York and got over 7 thousand pound per song! We also spoke to some people from Generator called Jo and Ged; they showed us a gory music video that was created in the Sage. By the time this had finished we walked over to the O2 Academy and had our lunch.  After that we were shown around backstage and all the dressing rooms. It was weird to think that famous people like Sam Smith had shared the same space. Wow. We were also told a story about how they floor of the O2 had collapsed during a concert.When I stood on the stage it felt amazing. But the O2 looked really strange when it was empty.

Day 2:

I was really looking forward to day 2. We went to the Sage in Gateshead. I was excited because I had never been here before. When we Sagearrived we met a woman called Kitty who showed us around the different halls. Her favourite was hall 2 because she had some of her best memories in there. Next we meet some grade 3 students Jamie, Sarah and Emily. They led the master class. We played some games and did some vocal warm ups. Then we all sang a group song by the Jackson 5. I was nervous at first but once I got involved all the nerves disappeared. It sounded great considering we had never sang as a group before.

Music SilverAfter this we all had lunch my friends and I explored the Sage and had fun playing on the piano, which had a ‘play me’ sign attached. We were then shocked that we had to do a surprise performance In front if everyone at the Sage .I couldn’t wait. It made me more confident performing in front of everyone and performing as a group. TICE has really helped me find my confidence and open my eyes to all the careers and opportunities I can take to pursue in the music business. Thank you to everyone who made this possible I had an amazing time.

TICE is an amazing opportunity and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a career in music.

Yazmine Baddoo, Year 9 from John Spence Community High School.