First we got the metro from Hadrian road to Monument when we arrived there we started the journey to a business called the Toffee Factory. Its original name came from it first type of business which made toffee but it closed down so later they refurbished it and turned it into a space for a range of digital and creative businesses , still keeping the original name.

When we got into the building we went into the waiting room and got told what we would be doing there and we were handed a booklet to help us through the day, this was also the room were we hung up our bags and coats to make it easier to travel around the building. After the brief we were greeted by a member of the company which showed us to a room which they take pictures of real life objects and by using tiny stickers on the object to help the computer understand the dimensions to make a 3D model on the computer. While still in that room we were showed this amazing 3D viewing eye piece which went over your face and you could see whatever the computer wanted the person to see it could be anywhere from a roller-coaster to a castle.

After our visit, we walked all the way through town to another place which specialised in making 3D models and cartoon adverts. At our arrival we were taken downstairs to a conference /games room where we waited for various people to come and talk to us. This was also the room where we had our dinner which was provided by that company which was 5 Domino’s pizzas. After lunch 3 different people came down and explained about their company, like who they are working with and their current projects within the company. Next we were shown upstairs to have a look at 2 of their current projects, one of them was enhancing a picture of a bottle of perfume to be shown to people inside their shops to attract customers. The second person was working on an advert for Auto Trader to put on their website to tell people what they are doing.

When we finished at that company we went on another walk to go to a place called Orange Bus which specialised in web and app design. We were taken into their conference room at which we were told about what they do and which other companies they work with, also they showed us what they were working on now. They were fixing a site which was owned by a company called Barbour which is a clothing brand and they changed it to display the right zoom in view, depending on what device someone is using. Since this company did not work normal hours they had an amazing games room to keep people focused and awake they had airhockey, table football and a old games machine which played varies games.

By Nathan Allison, Burnside Business and Enterprise College.