On the first day of our silver stage with TICE we ventured to Loft (a music studio based in Newcastle city centre) which had loads of cool stuff, huge pool tables, big live room with amazing sound quality and really cool recording equipment. We sat (Burnside students and other schools) in the big live room and were spoken to by 4 different people (thinking back I can’t remember their names… I’m terrible with names) the first was a man explaining his job within the studio about how he produced music and was also a tour manager for other artists and explained other things as we asked questions which was great help, the next was two people who we spoke to about tours and music videos (we were also shown a music video for a song which was so.. so strange…) the next was an old friend of Sam’s who was a drum and bass producer and spoke about what he did and how he got to where he was. Also giving us helpful information on how to get big/get to where we wanted to be. We then left Loft and walked through town to the O2 Academy and had lunch. After lunch we took a tour of the building seeing changing rooms and all the back of the O2 and got to stand on the stage which is much bigger than what it looks from below the stage! We spoke to other to people who worked at the O2 who explained their roles there and how they ended up where they are now. The second day of silver stage we went down to the Sage and did a music workshop all day long, doing lots of sounds and imitations of instruments with our voices (like our own little Pitch Perfect!) and had an amazing time! We (Burnside) performed at the end, a little Christmas song we did for our school for a Christmas play we performed Boxing Day just for the fun of it since we were all there but then grabbed everyone’s attention and had our own little gig! (Not embarrassing at all…)

By Corey Burnip, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.