My two amazing days at TICE! by Ellen Doherty


My two amazing days at TICE!

On my first day of music TICE silver stage we went to Loft music studios where I got an idea of the jobs you can get in the music industry. This help me a lot on what I want to do within music in the future. After the talks we went over to the O2 academy where we got a tour of the stages and backstage areas… Where I took a lot of selfies haha!
On the second day we went to the Sage, this was the best day because we were doing practical stuff with Emily, Sarah and Jamie who we met when we were there. It was really fun working with them and they helped me a lot with my singing. After dinner we had a surprise performance in front of the visitors of the Sage which I really enjoyed and it also boost my confidence a lot!

Overall I loved my two days of TICE and want to do them all over again… Thank you music TICE!

Ellen Doherty, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.