ToffeeToday TICE took us to visit 3 different design companies in Newcastle which really changed my perspective on a future career. I really thought that to be a successful designer you’d have to move to London or somewhere like that. However, today showed me that I could still work as a designer in Newcastle.

We visited the Toffee factory (, Everything Different ( and Orangebus ( which all showed me how you can actually love your job and have fun whilst doing it. All the designers we met seemed like they had a passion for design and seemed to be happy to be at work, which seems rare to find.Orangebus

Although talking to the designers was very interesting the thing which really inspired me about the companies was the way in which they were decorated. I think that just looking at the interior of the companies because, they looked so quirky and unique, particularly the bright colours in Everything Different.

Different7The range of different titles that the designers we met had showed me that design is a huge field of work to go into. Before this trip I never even thought about having a career in design and I always thought of being a doctor or a teacher. But, now I’m thinking about other choices to explore and research like, a graphic designer, a motion designer or (my current favourite) an interior designer.

Although it was freezing, the cold didn’t put me off and neither did the long walk from the Toffee Factory to Everything Different and I loved learning more about the design companies in my area.  Thank you TICE!

By Lucy Gaddes, 14

Burnside Business and Enterprise College