Past TICE Student Testimonial…


Work Experience

Joseph O’Donnell has participated in the TICE programme in music. He has now gone onto to pursue his own career in the industry whilst studying at Burnside Business & Enterprise College. Joseph has also worked on TICE through our work experience opportunities contributing to the music workshops and our TICE website through video documentary. Below is a fantastic quote written by Joseph to let you know how being involved in TICE has helped:

TICE has given me something way beyond a well recognised, well respected and creative name to put on my CV. It has introduced me to a world not often shown in school lessons or talked about often. That world is harsh, it’s difficult, it’s cut-throat and it’s tedious; but it’s necessary. If I didn’t learn about this world when I did I would not be able to continue or call myself the musician or creative industry worker I am today. As a student, worker and fly on the wall to a number of different TICE projects I can safely say that I have learned more than any four walls of any classroom could teach me. The heavily practical nature of the TICE programme throws you into your chosen industry head first without a life-vest; by doing this it allows you to see exactly how hard it is to be a creative professional. The TICE programmes are difficult, they aren’t something you can waltz into. They need dedication and they require you to believe in yourself and believe that the work you are more than capable of creating is worth the time of the phenomenal names they gather from all corners of the creative world to look at your work. By experiencing all of this I have gained so much confidence in my own work as an artist. If anything, it’s a confidence boost; because if you believe in the work you have produced it is impossible for the incredible mentors to do anything but support you. Having these names which you learn to respect and look up to behind you every step of the way is such an amazing excuse(!) to allow your creative mind to roam. TICE has become part of my life, because I owe so much of what I know to it. Without Jenny and co I wouldn’t be producing the same quality of work I am now, or have the knowledge to know what to do with it. Thank you TICE!

Joseph O’Donnell (TICE 2012 and TICE Work Experience)

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