My name is Phil Jeffes, I am a professional software developer. I was brought on to help deliver the Computer Science track of the TICE program.

I started in software development about 10 years after graduating from York University. I started off writing radio station playout software, helping to automate how radio stations select and play music, particularly overnight where the system would be able to make sure that things ran to time. I have also worked as an phone app developer for a security solution provider and for a buildings management company, based in the US.

Currently I work for a small startup company, called Reframed.TV, based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne which works with Twitter and YouTube to synchronise video and social media streams. The company graduated from the Ignite100 accelerator program in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength working with big names in broadcasting and ‘new media’. We have solved a number of difficult technical challenges and continue to do interesting work with exciting partners.

A lot of spare time is also spent using or working with computers. I enjoy gaming but also building games. My first game was released for Android and Window8 in 2013 with a sequel in the works at the moment. I also teach an evening class for adults who would like to learn a bit about programming of the web. On nicer days I can be found cycling around Northumberland.

TICE is an important program to help students get exposure to exciting and diverse areas of creative industries. Opportunities that they might not have known about otherwise. It allows students who show aptitude for these areas to explore these opportunities and can help give them an idea of how to get started in these industries. I am particularly excited to help people get into the software industry partly because it is a fun and interesting industry but also because there is a skills gap in the area and as such a great opportunity for students to move into rewarding careers which can offer broad opportunities for working abroad or nationally.

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