Silver Day – Computer Science by Lucy Bushell


Computer Science

Day 1: We visited VRTGO Labs in Gateshead, where speakers from lots of different companies explained their careers and just their lives in general. The speakers were all from completely different backgrounds and all had different roles in their companies, so it was really interesting to hear about all their experiences.

I personally found Ross Linnet very inspiring, because he had changed his career around completely from sports to computing and his creation: Recite Me, has helped lots of people to use the internet easily. Recite Me is designed for people with dyslexia who find it harder to read, so instead it “recites” the text for them.

Later we went to the Northern Design Centre, where we visited different offices, my favourite was the Kuro Dragon’s because it was very bright and the technology they were using was incredible!

There were multiple themes throughout the day like “Just do it!” everyone was encouraging us just get involved and if you had an idea to try and make it happen, which was really inspiring.

Another recurring theme were ping pong tables, nearly every work place we went to had them which was really cool, all the offices looked really creative and everyone was saying how great it was to work there, it really changed the way I thought about offices because it was very atypical.

Lucy2Day 2: On the morning of day 2 it was the solar eclipse and TICE let us watch it in the morning which was great! Later on we went to Campus North and had a tour around the building which, like everywhere else on the trip, was incredible then we did an activity to show the process of making an app or game and what all the different people do.

Then we went back to Northumbria University and created storyboards using a programme on the computer, the programme was really good and allowed you to be really creative.

The silver stage was very inspiring and I loved it, everyone we met was really supportive and loved what they were doing which was really cool, they obviously take pride in their work and try really hard to improve technology so it was great to have the opportunity to meet them!

Lucy Bushell, 14 – Whitley Bay High School