Silver Fashion Day One! by Melissa Simpson


Silver Fashion Day One!
Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the first TICE silver fashion day. It was lots of fun and I got to see lots of interesting things.

NFWFirst we went to NE1 where we met Sandra Tang who is the creator of NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week. She talked about what the business is and what sort of things they do and we found out that there are a lot of different jobs there such as office managers, event planners and people who work in media. She also told us a bit about NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week and about all the things involved in the week for example planning the events or getting models or clothes ready.
She also talked about her blog which is and she told us what is like to be a fashion blogger. I thought this was very inspirational as she started off only having a small blog and now she’s worked with big companies such as Dr Martens and Cath Kidston.
We also had the chance to go behind the scenes at Jules B. We learnt about their website for example how it is set out and the different ways it can be found on the internet. Looking around the building was interesting as we got to see the different jobs that go on there like styling, photography and graphic design.
We finished our day by going to Northumbria University to find out what each of the fashion courses are about and Northumbriato have a look inside the school of design. It was really interesting to see what was involved in each course and to see what kinds of projects you can do. I loved looking around the school of design as it was interesting to see all the equipment they had and to see what some of the students there were doing.
Overall it was a great day and I learnt a lot about some of the different jobs in fashion and about studying fashion. I really enjoyed the day and I can’t wait for the second silver day.

Melissa Simpson, Age 15
Burnside Business and Enterprise College