Silver Stage by Rebecca Long


Silver Stage

Reb2Last week was the best experience I’ve had in music. The first day which was Wednesday we went to The Loft and met the owner, people from Generator and Sam’s friend. We talked to them and asked them questions about music. It was really interesting. Then we walked to the O₂ Academy were we had lunch and met Phil and Niall were we learned about how many people both rooms could hold and how shows were put together. We also went backstage. The O₂ Academy can hold up to 2000 people and the O₂ Academy 2 can hold up to 380 people.

On the second day which was Thursday, we went to The Sage, Gateshead which was so fun! We had a tour of Hall One and Hall Two. It was so interesting. Then we met Jamie, Sarah and Emily who taught us two songs that we had to rehearse and perform in front of people in the café. The two songs were ‘I want you back’ by The Jackson 5 and ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz. We also learned about the different types of music genres. I have met and worked with people who I have never met before and this has really helped me build up my confidence.

By Rebecca Long, George Stephenson High School.