Silver Stage Day 1 by Abbie Grew


SilverOn the first day of TICE silver stage, we visited three different agencies that were all involved in the graphics industry. We made our way into town and walked to the first agency. All the three OBagencies showed us what it’s like to work in the graphic design industry. We got to see what kind of jobs you can get involved with.

One of the places we visited was called ‘everything different’ I especially liked this Different4agency because their main focus was fashion/beauty. Before I joined TICE I was considering looking into future jobs such as being a midwife or a doctor. I then joined TICE and discovered that I actually want to go into the fashion industry and pursue this career path. Ever since I was younger I’ve always had an interest in fashion and would consider this a good path way to start a future and learn from. TICE showed me lots of different subjects which involve fashion and graphics. I found that the second place we visited. ‘Everything different’ helped me learn more about what I wanted to do. We met members of a team that specialise in this subject. We viewed the office space and the area in which they worked. This helped visualise which path way I would like to head into.