Silver Stage: Fashion Day 1 by Cara Cowen


Silver Stage: Fashion Day 1

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to visit some very unique fashion based businesses, and had the opportunity to speak with a fashion event organiser, designer retailers and a university lecturer.

The chicest

Firstly we visited NE1, where we spoke top Sandra Tang. Sandra Tang is a very inspirational woman to me because of her achievements. She is the event founder of NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week, plus she has her very own blog. NE1

When Sandra was explaining to us her job, she mentioned her blog (, and how it has grown. Her dedication has really motivated me. Moreover it has given me an insight on Fashion Communication.

This was my most memorable part of the day as I was shown what went on behind the scenes in fashion events, and how to get into the industry. For instance; in order to make a good impression I need to be passionate, talkative and motivated.

by Cara Cowen
Burnside Business & Enterprise College.