Silver Stage TICE was fantastic by Bradley Bell


The whole day of TICE was fantastic. I found out about the different jobs and roles in the creative industry and found out what kind of software real companies use to create or develop their products. Overall I felt particularly involved throughout the trip as I asked few questions but wasn’t behind everyone else. This trip inspired me to be in the graphics or creative industry when I’m older.

We visited three companies; Everything Different,  Toffee Factory, and Orange Bus.  The Toffee Factory inspired me most as I saw a wide range of jobs from 3D designs to advert development and seeing the different types of equipment used to create the product. I enjoyed Orange Bus as it didn’t seem like a big company but more like a place for friends to hang out.

Overall I enjoyed seeing what happens behind the screen. This has inspired me to stay focused in school so I could one day work in the creative industry and the graphics industry.

By Bradley Bell, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.