Silver TICE Music by Alice Smith


Day One:

In the morning of day one, we went down to Loft recording studio in Newcastle where we were given a tour around the studio which was really good because it gave me a good idea about how and where music is made. We were then talked to by a few different people who had become successful in the music industry; I really liked that because they were all ordinary people who came from similar backgrounds to mine, and they had become really successful in the things that they loved. I loved the room that we had all the conferences in because all the walls were specially designed with all these grooves in them, they were made like that to stop the sound from bouncing around, which means no one had to shout to be heard.

In the afternoon, we went for a tour around the O2 Academy, which was so much fun because I got to see where all the bands hang put before they perform, surprisingly though the rooms really weren’t all that glamorous!


This is what it’s like on the stage in the O2 Academy.

Day Two:

On day two we were given a tour around the Sage Gateshead amazing different performance rooms, which all had the same grooves in the walls as the recording studios; I actually think that the grooves look really nice. The practical work was SO much fun; being able to work with different people was amazing and and performing performing in front of people is my favourite thing in the whole world. Which is why TICE silver was was the best experience that I have had!


This is Jamie, he was one of the students who helped us with our practical work.

By Alice Smith, John Spence Community High School.